Square Launched a Debit Card, Just So You Know

Square, the financial services company responsible for that iPhone hookup which lets us make mobile payments, is taking an even greater leap into our every day finances: They now have a debit card.

The company's founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, teased the card back in April but now it's out in the wild and being used by particular Square cash customers.

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If we're being technical, it's a prepaid card and not a debit card (which would be linked to your bank account). But, semantics.

As Recode so astutely summed it up, "The physical 'Cash' card is the latest attempt by Square to build more features into its Square Cash app, in part to help differentiate it from similar services like Venmo (and maybe Apple soon, too)." The weird part about it is since it's a prepaid card, and not a debit card, we don't actually need it — aka it likely doesn't do anything that your other cards and apps don't already do; unless, of course, you have a ton of money in your Square Cash account that you want to spend ASAP. That said, from the pictures the card does look highly sleek, so maybe that's need enough.

In sum, Square is basically trying to take over our wallets and how we spend money. But maybe we're fine with that?