8 of TV's Leading Ladies Who Have Money All Figured Out

As with all things in life, female characters on TV go through trends. And right now, the pendulum certainly seems to be swinging toward a certain kind of millennial slovenliness. Shows like Broad City and Girls rise to acclaim because of their grossness, boundary-pushing, and their ability to touch on a certain strain of female millennial anxiety -- particularly when it comes to money.

But, in the spirit of Women's History Month, we're highlighting some current TV characters whose lives may be messy still, but at least their finances are on lock. There are plenty of superheroes on screens big and small these days, but damn if this isn't the kind of superpower I'd rather have.

Molly, "Insecure"

Issa Rae's Issa is no slouch herself, as she's the breadwinner in her relationship and gets by just fine. But Molly's the one with the badass lawyer wardrobe, elite dating app status, and amazing apartment. Alas, both of their love lives are a lot messier than their financial lives.

Alicia Florrick, "The Good Wife"

Technically, The Good Wife isn't on the air anymore. But Mrs. Florrick and her impeccable taste and financial elasticity stand the test of time.

Rainbow Johnson, "Black-ish"

Honestly, part of this ranking is just because of how freakin' cool Bow is. But it's also worth noting that despite playing the mother of four kids, she remains firmly on top of her shit.

Rachel, "Master of None"

There are plenty of depictions of millennial Brooklynites who don't have any part of their lives together. Rachel not only had a steady job in the music industry but also eventually had enough financial security to make a big move to Tokyo.

Shoshanna Shapiro, "Girls"

Like Rachel, Shosh also made a big move to Tokyo. Though Marnie was technically the most yuppie of the Girls friend group, I more admire Shoshanna's ability to get her working life (somewhat) in order.

Rebecca Bunch, "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Rebecca Bunch has a lotttt going on with her romantic life, but at least her finances are seriously on lock. It must be nice to be a hugely successful lawyer, huh. (Something a few of the women on this list have in common...)

Linda Belcher, "Bob's Burgers"

Linda is, like Bow, not exactly swimming in cash. But with her family on her back, her resilience, dependability, and wicked humor are superpowers in their own right.

Joan Watson, "Elementary"

The consistently amazing functional wardrobe! The sweet apartment set-up! Sure, not all of these things are Joan's doing or her design, but the surgeon-turned-detective is basically a financial savant compared to her trust fund-relying partner, Sherlock Holmes. (Even though technically he's the real savant. Whatever; Joan forever.)