How to Report a Change to Medicaid in Texas

How to Report a Change to Medicaid in Texas
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Step 1

Report changes online. This is the easiest way to report changes to your Texas Medicaid case. Navigate to [Your Texas Benefits] and log in to your account. Next, click the “View My Case” tab, then choose “Case Facts,” which is near the top of the page. Locate your case number. The “Report a Change” link is next to your case number. Click this link, and the site will guide you through the reporting process.

Step 2

Call your case worker or call a Texas Medicaid case representative at 855-827-3748. Simple changes, such as a new address or contact information can be processed through this channel. You’ll need your case number to use this method, and may be asked for other information, such as the Social Security numbers and birthdays of those who receive Medicaid through your account.

Step 3

Visit your local Health and Human Services office. You can also walk in to your local Health and Human Services office to provide information regarding your changes. If you have any documents to support your change, such as new pay information, or documents that show a member of your household has been added or removed, bring the papers with you. If you aren’t sure where your local office is, go to the Your Texas Benefits website and click the “Find an Office” tab at the top of the page.