How to Change Debit Card Information

You should change your debit card information if your move to a new address.

When you sign up for a debit card through your bank you must provide certain information that will be associated with your card. For example, your name, address, email address, phone number and pin number will be listed on with your bank account and the debit card connected to your account. You should update your information if you move to a new address, get a new phone number or email address, or if you believe that your account has been compromised and you wish to change your pin number.


Step 1

Register your account online using your bank’s “online banking” system. Most banks now utilize online banking because it is a convenient way to allow account holders to access their bank account and change the information associated with the account. To register your account online, call your bank and ask for their website address. Navigate to the website and select the “Register My Account” or “Sign Up” option. Provide the name, address and account number that is currently associated with your account. You will also be asked to select a user name and password for accessing your account in the future.


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Step 2

Sign into your account and select the “Account Information” option. A page will appear that shows all of the personal information that is currently associated with your bank account and debit card. Identify the specific items that need to be changed or corrected.

Step 3

Select the “Edit Account Information” option from your “Account Information” page. Make all necessary changes and corrections by deleting the existing information and replacing it with updated information. Select the “Save Changes” option once you have finished making all corrections and changes.




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