How to Cancel Medicaid in Texas

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission administers the Texas Medicaid program. The program offers financial assistance with prescription drugs, medical services, doctor's visits and a preventative health wellness program. If you experience a change in circumstances, such as an increased income or if you have switched to a private insurance plan, you may need to cancel your Texas Medicaid benefits.

medicaid protection
The Medicaid umbrella
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Gather together any information you might need to cancel your Medicaid benefits. This includes the name of your caseworker and your Texas Benefits Medicaid card.

Contact the Texas Medicaid program at 800-252-8263. If you wish to cancel a child's Medicaid, call this program at 800-647-6558.

Inform the Medicaid representative that you wish to cancel your Texas Medicaid benefits. Provide him with all requested information, including your identification number on your Medicaid card. Expect Medicaid to mail some paperwork to you to complete the cancellation.

Fill out the paperwork, providing basic information such as your name, Medicaid identification number and contact information. You may need to give a reason why you wish to cancel. For example, you may have a change in circumstances or you recently acquired another insurance plan. Mail the paperwork back to the Texas Medicaid program to cancel your benefits.