How to Get a Copy of My Ohio Vendor License

A vendor's license is required by all business owners planning to sell certain services or products in Ohio. A vendor's license is required for retail, delivery, transient and service-based businesses in Ohio. At the time of business registration, you must apply to get a vendor's license and a copy is given to you upon approval. If you lose your copy of the vendor's license, you must obtain a new one as you may be required to prove your approved status at any given time.


Step 1

Contact the local county office that issued your vendor's license in Ohio. In the state, a vendor's retail license is issued by the auditor's office, while all other types of vendor's licenses are issued by the Ohio Department of Taxation.

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Step 2

Ask a representative to provide you with a copy of your vendor's license. Explain the circumstances of the lost vendor's license. Provide the necessary information to prove your business, including business number, name and physical location.


Step 3

Pay the fee associated with getting a new Ohio vendor's license. Depending on the situation in question, a $25 application fee may be required. For example, temporary or expired licenses require a new application process.


A vendor’s license issued by the Ohio Department of Taxation is only valid throughout the state. If, for some reason, you have lost the vendor’s license in another state, you must still contact the issuing department or audit office for a replacement copy. In addition, the license is only valid for services or retail products offered for the business. Apply for additional vendor’s licenses as needed to cover all products and services offered by the company.