What Tax Deductions Are Allowed for a Car Registration Fee in Florida?

Florida, like most states, charges drivers an annual fee to register their vehicles with the state. Registration ensures that only cars that meet safety standards are on the road as well as allowing the state to collect taxes. You can write off your Florida vehicle registration taxes on your federal tax return each year if you itemize your deductions.


Registration Tax

Florida bases registration fees on both the tax due and the weight of the vehicle. However, only the tax due is deductible from your federal income taxes. Examine your registration receipt for the fee breakdown to determine which portion of your registration fee is tax deductible.


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Sales Tax

If you paid sales tax on your vehicle when you bought it, you may deduct the sales tax from your federal taxes. State sales tax is an itemized deduction. Thus, if your itemized deductions are less than your standard deduction, it doesn't make sense to claim your sales tax deduction rather than your standard deduction. You can also deduct sales tax if you leased a vehicle in Florida.


Renewal Tax

If you had to pay property taxes on your vehicle before you renewed your registration, you may deduct these taxes from your federal income tax. As with other registration-based taxes, this deduction is an itemized deduction, and you'll put it on Schedule A of your 1040 Form or other federal income tax form.


No State Income Tax

Florida does not assess state income taxes. Thus, you don't have to worry about taking state deductions for vehicle registration and associated fees on your Florida taxes. However, cities and counties in Florida may assess local taxes, so check with a tax professional to find out what taxes you owe on the state and local level and if there are any deductions from them.