How Much Did The "Real Housewives" Spend This Week?

This week the temperature was hot (the ladies are in Mexico) and so was the drama. Because they're still on vacation, and Kyle is hosting, she's picking up most of the tab this week. Before we know it, she may end up in Erika Jayne territory… Who are we kidding? No one can keep up with Erika Jayne in any way, but especially when it comes to spending.


Our Process: We tuned in to see just how much the ladies are spending. In order to calculate, we focused on money spent in the episode. Clothing, cars, houses, etc are not calculated unless the women make the purchase on screen each week. If the women go out to dinner, we will attribute the cost to whichever housewife is given credit for the scene, as designated by the "title" before the scene.


Video of the Day

At the end of the episode, we'll tally it up to see who forked over the most dough (and who is in the lead for the season).

Lisa Rinna arrives in Punta Mita



The episode pends with an in-pool lunch as Lisa Rinna arrives. We're loving that floating table, even though eating with wet fingers sound less than appetizing.

Mexican feast for seven: $100

Drinks: $60

Private chef: $350

Total: $510


Maurizio’s agency launch


Maurizio and Kyle's pregame for Maurizio's gency launch with a champagne toast (can one really call that pregaming?). They all get goodie bags from The Agency, and before we know it, they're off to the party in a comically painted golf cart.


Three bottles of champagne: $120

Total: $120

Launch party for The Agency



Nobody puts baby in a corner, but if you catch Lisa Rinna in the middle of a lie, she'll put herself in a corner behind a chair while she talks out of both sides of her face. Bless Erika Jayne, that Queen, who can both bring things to a head and stay flawlessly out of it.

As the women go back and forth about whether or not Rinna remembers saying that Kim was near death — Rinna, if you really don't remember, that's because you say so many bad things that you can't remember what you've said— the party rages on.


There is a mariachi band, and the drinks are flowing. Since it's a launch for The Agency, they're picking up the tab.

For the record Rinna, we think what you can't remember is whether or not you said that Kyle was an enabler and Kim was near death on camera. (You did.)

Total: $0

Breakfast in Mexico



Everyone is spread out for their morning meal. Kyle and Maurizio eat a full breakfast while LVP orders an orange juice. Meanwhile, Rinna stays in her room with a cup of coffee while she calls Harry Hamlin, so he can deny she said things about Kim… feels real planned, Rinna. We see you.

Two breakfasts, coffee, orange juice: $22

Total: $22

Eden hangs out with her mom



Eden invites her mother over to complain about how no one appreciates her sticking her nose into Kim and Kyle's business, to which her mother has the best response: "Zip it."

It wouldn't be a trip to Eden's without some sort of supplement. She offers her mom "Calm with Calcium," which is a magnesium supplement. It's great, especially at night, and it can also be a little pricey. The cost of wellness!

Magnesium Calm with Calcium: $24.57


Total: $24.57

Catamaran on the open water


Everybody except LVP, who is headed to D.C., enjoys a day on the boat. Kyle has rented a catamaran that looks more like a yacht to us… and Lisa Rinna.

They forget their interpersonal issues for a moment so that they can jump from the boat into the ocean. It's a laugh for everyone, but especially Dorit, who earns a Birkin just for jumping in the water.

It all culminates in Rinna doing a table dance to Erika Jayne's song, "Painkiller," that is as delightful as it is uncomfortable.

Boat Rental: $2,000

Lunch: $200

Total: $2,200

Weekly Total:

Kyle: $2,852

Eden: $24.57

Kyle wins!

Tally for Episodes 6-11:

Erika: $75,494

Kyle: $20,407.50

Dorit: $4,321.60

Lisa Rinna: $2,602.75

Lisa Vanderpump: $856

Eileen: $500

Eden: $376.57