Get Your Hobby On With These Free Classes

When you're trying to create multiple streams of income to fund your goals -- or even just to pay the bills, let's be real -- you'll often hear advice telling you to monetize your hobbies. But what if you don't have any hobbies? Get one immediately! Hobbies are good for the mind, good for the body, and unless you decide you want to start collecting Fabergé eggs, they're pretty easy on the wallet as well.

Beginning a new hobby doesn't have to cost a fortune, either. There are a bajillion online resources for free or almost free classes and tutorials. If you hope to start a side hustle based on your skills, these are a great place to start:


Craftsy is the place for you if you're interested in sewing, knitting, quilting, jewelry making, or any other crafty thing you can think up. Spend a few hours with them to learn the basic techniques needed to open your first Etsy shop.


YouTube is bursting with tutorials on how to make anything you can imagine. Karen Kavett is a popular crafter with very easy to follow videos. Don't like her vibe? Search for specific materials or a general theme and you'll find hundreds of videos that you follow along with.

Sew Mama Sew

If you sort of know what you're doing already, Sew Mama Sew is a great blog to keep an eye on for tutorials and patterns. Holiday items consistently sell well at craft shows, and SMS has loads of patterns and instructions for you to follow and fill your booth.

Home Depot

If getting your hands dirty is more your thing, check out the Home Depot. They offer free classes on everything from installing tile to designing a backyard plantscapes. One of these free classes might be the thing that jumpstarts your handyman career.

Brit + Co

Once you've got it all figured out, Brit + Co offers an excellent free course in setting up your online store. As with anything, practice makes perfect, so don't expect to sell a million potholders your first weekend. You can absolutely earn money with your hobbies and this tutorial will help you to get your product to the most people.

Now get out there and get your hobby on!