Money Saving Tips for the Ultra Wealthy

Image Credit: Kateryna_Mostova/iStock/GettyImages

Eat fewer exotic meats. Ostrich is just as delicious as flamingo at a a fraction of the price!

Think outside of the box when it comes to taxes! Have you tried putting a few million dollars of company stock as collateral for an even larger loan? Then you don't have to pay capital gains taxes.

Sell some unwanted art or collectibles. Mid-century is so passé, when was the last time you really enjoyed that Rothko?

Stick to the list when you're at the market. 9 ounces of caviar is more than enough for cocktail hour, no need to add unnecessary accompaniments.

Have your maid wash your clothing instead of throwing it away.

Turn off the lights in whatever wing you're not walking around in wearing your long, feathered evening robe.

Consider cooking meals at home. With the purchase of a sous vide, culinary foam maker, atomizer, and some liquid nitrogen, you can whip up your favorite salad in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Did you know that you can reuse items around the house? Pillows, plates, and even some electronics may be used several times!

Shop in your local shops instead of your favorites in Dubai.

The car itself is a lovely gift, no need to splurge on the pricey (and frankly, tacky) bow.

Keep the peacocks on your grounds confined to a certain area so they don't damage the landscaping.