How to Change the Name on Your Bank Account After Marriage

Settling into life after marriage requires a time of adjustment, not only with regard to the relationship, but also with updating personal records. If you have changed your legal name by getting married, it is your responsibility to notify all of the institutions that use your name. You should generally start with updating the Social Security Administration and getting a driver's license in your married name. After that, update your name on your bank account to ensure that you can continue to deposit checks made out to your new married name.

In Person

Step 1

Take your photo identification and certified copy of your marriage certificate to your local bank branch during business hours.

Step 2

Tell an employee that you have gotten married and need to change your name on your bank account.

Step 3

Fill out any required forms and provide your photo identification and marriage certificate as proof of your legal name change.

Step 4

Ask to have a new debit card issued in your married name. If you have a credit card with the bank, you can probably change your name on that while you are there as well.

By Mail

Step 1

Photocopy your government-issued photo identification that shows your married name.

Step 2

Look up the mailing address for the bank's headquarters on its website.

Step 3

Type a letter to the bank stating that you have gotten married and changed your legal name. Request that the bank change your name on all accounts. List your old name and address and your new name and address. Also include your account numbers so the bank can locate your accounts.

Step 4

Type your full name, followed by about four blank lines. Then type your current contact information, including a phone number and mailing address. Print the letter and sign in the space between your name and contact information.

Step 5

Put the letter, along with the copy of your driver's license and a certified copy of your marriage certificate, in an envelope and mail it to the bank.


If you and your spouse are planning to have joint bank accounts, you could arrange these at the same time as your name change. You typically need to go to the bank branch or call customer service to add someone to a bank account.

Things You'll Need

  • Marriage certificate

  • Photo identification with married name