How to Change the Deed on Your House in the State of Maryland

Step 1

Go to the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation website and download the Land Instrument Intake Sheet.

Step 2

Fill out the top of the document with your county, or check the box if you live in Baltimore City.

Step 3

Include the pertinent information about the changes you wish to make in the next sections. If you are adding your spouse or other party to the deed, put your name in the "Transferred From" line and place both your name and the other person's name in the "Transferred To" section. Failure to put your name in the "Transferred To" section will make the new person the sole owner of the house. If you are changing the deed to include improvements you made to the property, such as additions to the house or new buildings on the property, fill out the "Description of Property" section with information such as the address, subdivision name, lot and parcel numbers and the property tax ID number.

Step 4

Take the completed Land Instrument Intake Sheet to a notary. If you are adding someone to the deed, that person must accompany you to the notary. All parties will sign the paperwork in the presence of the notary and he will place his stamp on it.

Step 5

Take the Land Instrument Intake Sheet and your original deed to the department of revenue or taxation or the land recorder's office in your county. A representative will make a copy of the original deed and file the Land Instrument Intake Sheet.

Step 6

Pay the filing fee. This varies depending on the county, but it is usually $20 to $40 in Maryland. The new deed is now legally binding.