The Starting Salary of Full-Time Management at United Parcel Service

The United Parcel Service, or UPS, ships freight and parcels from numerous facilities throughout the United States. Each one of these facilities has its own separate full-time management staff that oversees day-to-day operations and local employees. Since full-time managers are at the top level of employment for each UPS office, they are generally at the top of the pay scale as well.


Full-Time Starting Salary

Managers starting into full-time employment at UPS can expect to be paid the salary of a general manager. UPS offers competitive wages in accordance with the national average. The starting salary of full-time general managers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is approximately $47,000 to $65,000 per year, or an hourly wage of roughly $23 to $31, depending upon the employee's past education and work experience. Less experience falls toward the lower end of that range, while more experience and education fall in the higher end of that pay range.


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Full-Time Management Duties

Full-time managers at UPS have numerous responsibilities and typically work just a 40 hour work week. Some responsibilities of UPS management include the hiring, productivity control, discipline and firing of company employees, the acquisition of new customers, the retention of existing customs and insuring conformance to all workplace regulations. Managers at UPS facilities may interact with customers, package handlers and members of the company sales force on a daily basis.


Full-Time Salary Range

If an employee remains in a management position at UPS and maintains good standing with the company, the employee's full-time salary will generally increase as the employee gains new experience in and years of service with the company. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for general managers is almost $95,000, while top-paid managers earn upward of $142,000 per year.

Applying With UPS and Additional Compensation

Job-seekers looking to apply for a full-time management position with UPS can do so through the company's website. Full-time management positions at UPS are not restricted to current employees. The "Job Search" section of the UPS website allows prospective applicants to search available jobs with the UPS by state. If a full-time management position is available in the state in which the applicant is seeking employment, the applicant can then set up a profile and fill out and submit an application online. Like other large employers, UPS offers employee benefits in addition to the normal salary. Benefits include health plans, an employee stock purchase plan, a pension plan, profit sharing and tuition reimbursement.


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