ADT Sales Rep Salary

For home and building protection, millions of people have chosen ADT Security, including those in the corporate world. According to, half of the top 50 national and regional bank companies use ADT's security services. ADT relies on the efforts of its more than 20,000 sales associates across the country. As with other sales workers, salaries for these reps are dependent on their performance and ability to obtain new accounts and maintain existing ones.


Average Salary

Much of an ADT sales rep's job involves traveling and demonstrating ADT security products. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary for sales reps as it relates to demonstrators and product promoters at $11.18 per hour as of 2008 with the highest 10 percent earning more than $19.94. Travel expenses for gasoline and mileage for sales reps can be defrayed by the employer, according to the bureau.

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The Structure

ADT sales reps are paid based on sales compensation plans. The plan consists of the annual service charge commissions, installation commissions and unit production commissions. Annual service charge commissions kick in for sales reps when residential customers renew their contract for security services. ADT sales reps may also collect a percentage of the installation charge as a commission. Finally, unit production commissions are based on new or resold units for a given month.


Percentages and Numbers

Commissions on annual service charge commissions can range from no money to more than $500. Sales reps earn 15 percent commissions for sales on two-year contracts that are $299 and less as of 2011. Thus, a contract worth $200 would result in a $30 commission for the sales rep. The commission rates increase to 23 percent and 30 percent for contracts from $300 to $500 and those above $500 respectively as of 2011. ADT sales reps receive a 10 percent commission on installation commissions and $50 for units sold from the seventh of the month to the 10th, $100 from the 11th to the 16th, $130 from the 17th to the 24th and $150 for a units sold after the 24th of each month as of 2011.


Straight Commission

It is customary for ADT to pay its sales reps a straight commission-based salary as opposed to a base salary plus commission on sales. In a May 2011 posting for, ACA Talent out of Fort Myers, Florida, listed its search for an ADT sales rep offering a salary of 100 percent commission. Similarly, in a January 2011 posting for, ACA Talent announced it was searching for an ADT sales rep for small businesses on a commission-only payscale.