How to Write a Reference Letter for a Friend's Housing

Composing a letter of reference requires time and effort. Allow adequate time for review.

The housing market offers many options for those seeking to rent or own. The process requires that the potential buyer meet various qualifications, including, but not limited to finance, employment and character. Though a lender or landlord can easily verify an applicant's finances and employment status, pinpointing a potential renter's or buyer's character requires outside assistance. Potential renters or buyers may need to petition friends and associates for personal references in order to provide a completed housing portfolio. If asked for such a reference from a friend, following a few key tips may assist in assuring your friend's housing future.

Step 1

Compose a personal letter of reference. The letter should include a brief history describing the context in which you know the subject. While you need not divulge extraneous information, provide a framework, including the length of your relationship and the conditions under which you met, when appropriate. If a former co-worker or classmate, note that fact, as it adds broadness to your review. Highlight the strengths of your friend's background, his education or accomplishments. Even if other references speak of these, reinforcing them will only help in establishing his character. The landlord or loan officer of a potential renter or buyer utilizes not only financial and professional information, but relies upon personal references in making his decision.

Step 2

Review professional letter-writing formats. Delivering the appropriate reference provides strength and depth to an application. Making certain that the letter reads well and offers an eye-catching view may assist the potential renter's/owner's portfolio. A well-written letter, though fulfilling all of the requirements, will not provide a satisfactory report if done in an amateurish manner. Seek out online business letter templates, such as those offered by Microsoft 2007, found online, usable whether or not you own the program. These templates offer an easy to follow design, allowing the user to enter necessary information according to a pre-formed style.

Step 3

Contact a housing professional for assistance. Seek out the company to which you must address the letter and clarify the expectations. Your friend's application entails a number of facets, including possible references from other individuals. Seeking instruction directly from the banking institution or landlord allows for no mistakes. Also in preparing the letter, include information on your friend's character and level of responsibility. The institution or individual approving the application wants assurance that the renter or possible owner intends to uphold the tenets and principles of the agreement. Though a letter of reference provides only one component, allaying any fears of impropriety or default may positively sway the decision-making process.