How to Write an Appeal to an Apartment

Use a professional tone in your appeal.

If an apartment complex denies your application, or refuses to renew your lease, you can try to appeal the decision. The apartment complex has no obligation to uphold your appeal, but it does not hurt for you to try. Do your appeal in writing to give both you and the apartment manager a record of your communication.


Step 1

Set your margin to the left of the page. Include your full name, current address and phone number at the top of the letter, in a separate lines. Use a plain font, such as Arial, and a readable font size, such as 12 point. Double space at the end of your contact information.

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Step 2

Type the name of the apartment company, or the apartment manager's full name, below the blank space. Add the apartment's address and contact information on two separate lines. Add a single space after the apartment company's contact information.


Step 3

Type the current date: the full month and year. Double space after the date.

Step 4

Include a salutation addressing the hiring manager directly. If you do not know the hiring manager's name, create a general salutation, such as "To whom it may concern." Double space after the salutation.


Step 5

Explain in the first paragraph why you are writing. State that you are appealing the decision made by the apartment manager and explain the decision/situation. State the date of the original denial. Add a single space after the first paragraph.

Step 6

Explain why you want to appeal the decision. Use facts or supporting information to help prove your case. Keep your tone professional. Add a single space between each paragraph.


Step 7

Type a closing paragraph, thanking the reader for his time and attention. Type "Sincerely," then space four lines and type your full name. Print the document and add your handwritten signature in the blank space between "Sincerely," and your typed name.

Step 8

Gather any documents that help prove your right to appeal. For example, you may include recent bank statements or a reference letter from a previous landlord. Make a copy of these documents and attach them to your appeal request. Mail your appeal and supporting documents to the apartment manager.


Double check your appeal request for spelling, grammar and factual accuracy.


Do not include negative statements in your appeal letter. Avoid speaking negatively about the apartment manager or any leasing staff at the apartment complex.

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