How to Write a Move Out Notice

As a renter, you must protect yourself legally from undue charges from landlords and property managers. If you do not write a formal move-out notice and give it to your landlord at least a month before you intend to vacate (or the time stipulated in your rental agreement), you could end up paying rent for months you were not living in the rental. To avoid paying extra rent, follow a few simple guidelines to write an official and legally binding move-out notice.


Step 1

Make it formal by creating a letterhead with your name, address and contact information. Just below that, include the date, the name of the landlord and the address of the rental.

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Step 2

Indicate that you are complying with the terms of your rental agreement by giving him adequate notice of your intention to move out by "X" date.


Step 3

Include that you will leave the unit in good condition, and request that the landlord supply you with specific cleaning instructions.

Step 4

Include the exact dates you will be removing your possessions and returning your keys. Request an invoice of prorated rent due, if applicable.



Step 5

Indicate that you expect your security deposit to be returned within a month after vacating and include a forwarding address. End with your phone number and signature, and include a section below this for your landlord's signature.

Step 6

Make several copies of the letter and send two to the landlord, one for him to keep and one for him to sign and return to you. This will serve as proof from the landlord that he has received the move-out notice and that you will not be paying rent after your move-out date.



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