How to Write a Relinquishing Letter for an Apartment

Most residential leases require you to contact your landlord within a certain amount of days before your lease expires. If you don't, the landlord assumes that you plan to stay. If you want to leave, you need to write a vacate or move-out notice. If you've decided that you want to relinquish your apartment at the end of your lease term, make sure you write a letter that has full details about your decision.


Step 1

Take note of the date of expiration of your lease as well as the amount of notice that you need to give the landlord if you want to move out (usually about 30 days to 60 days). Enter the current date at the top of the notice and ensure that it is a date well within that requirement.

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Step 2

List the landlord's name and address under the date. Print "Re:" (regarding) on the next line and enter "Tenant's notice to vacate" as the purpose of the letter for clarification.


Step 3

List the full address and apartment number of the location you're currently renting. State that you want to vacate the premises along with the date you plan to move. Briefly explain why you are moving (optional).

Step 4

Provide the landlord with your new address so that you can receive your security deposit, mail forwards and other communications related to the renting arrangement that you're relinquishing with the landlord.


Step 5

Explain any additional conditions or statements that you need to clarify with the landlord. For instance, if you and the landlord agreed that you could leave early without penalty, note that in a separate paragraph. Quote any other conditions of your lease applicable to your plan to move out.



Step 6

Request that the landlord call you to arrange a walk-through of the rental space prior to the move-out date you listed in step two. The walk-through is an appointment with the landlord so that he can review the condition of the apartment and estimate damages to be deducted from your security deposit.


Step 7

Print the phone number where you wish to be reached at the bottom and sign the letter. Get a copy and send the original to the landlord via certified mail with a return receipt so that you have proof that he received the notice to vacate within the move-out period outlined in your lease.


Consult with your lawyer before creating or signing legal forms.



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