Places That Will Help Pay Your Electric Bill in Jacksonville, Florida

Families living in poorly-insulated homes may pay three to four times more in cooling costs than the owner of a new home..

For low-income households, an unexpectedly high electric bill can be an unwelcome expense when already living on a tight budget. Thankfully, there are a few organizations and government programs to help people in Jacksonville, Florida, who are struggling the make ends meet.


Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities in Jacksonville offers financial assistance to qualifying families in need of temporary assistance paying a utility bill or housing payment. Catholic Charities offers help to people of any faith or denomination. This organization is located in downtown Jacksonville at the intersection of Ocean and Church streets. You can contact a case worker to set up an appointment by calling 904-354-4846. This charity also has a food pantry on hand.


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Salvation Army

The Salvation Army also offers short-term financial assistance to people, and can help with paying utility bills, housing payments, medical bills, or for other basic needs such food, clothing and medical prescriptions. A case worker for the charity can be reached at 813-962-6611 to help with setting up an appointment to assess an individual's aid needs.


Northeast Florida Community Action Agency

The Northeast Florida Community Action Agency is a federally funded program that offers short-term financial assistance to unemployed or low-income residents in need of help paying their utility bills. A person in need of help applies to this agency, and if eligible can get help making overdue bill payments on their electric bill, as well as their rent, mortgage, childcare and medical care. A case worker can be reached at 904-632-1469.


Jewish Family and Community Services

The Jewish Family and Community Services offers assistance paying electric bills and other utilities. The JECS also offers help with food and clothing needs, and help with making rent deposits and other housing payments. The JECS can also direct people in need to other aid organizations to help them. They can be reached at 904-448-1933.


Family Services

Family Services is an aid organization that can offer financial assistance with paying a utility bill. It also offers counseling, rent assistance and food, as well as a referral serve to other aid organizations and agencies in the area. Family Services can be contacted at 904-356-8641.


United Community Outreach Ministry

The Jacksonville office of the United Community Outreach Ministry offers help to Jacksonville residents in need of assistance paying their utility bills. They can be contacted at 904-396-2401.