Grants for Personal Financial Assistance

Grants for Personal Financial Assistance
Financial assistance grants-what's available?

State Social Services

Every state's health and social services department offers assistance to low-income individuals and families by providing grants for housing and rental payments, Medicaid to ensure well children and parents, food stamps to provide nutritious meals, and temporary monthly cash assistance to help them get by until their household financial situation improves. Apply at your local department of health and social services.

Grants for personal assistance may include food stamps.

Student Aid

Adults of any age who wish to return to school for a continued education may be eligible for college grants providing they have earned a high school diploma or GED. The FAFSA program (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) provides personal financial assistance to thousands of approved applicants each year. In most cases approved applicants are awarded enough funds to supplement a majority of educational expenses, and in some instances full tuition payment is provided. FAFSA applications can be obtained in college and university admissions offices.

Grants for a college education are commonly applied for.

Day Care Subsidizing Grants

Parents of infants or school aged children who are in need of funding to obtain quality child care services while they work or attend school are often eligible to receive government grants to subsidize their day care expenses. In many instances the parent can enroll her child (or children) in the facility of her choice. The amount of the subsidy is adjusted accordingly to the income level and family size of the applicant. This type of personal financial assistance can be applied for at your local department of human services office.

Grants can help pay for day care.

Charitable Foundations

Private foundations also provide financial assistance to individuals and families. The Salvation Army has numerous personal financial assistance programs offering grants for the recently unemployed or widowed, as well as a variety of other hardships. The United Way also provides grant awards yearly to qualified applicants in need of monetary help. You can seek help from both organizations at their local offices in your community.

Cash grants are awarded by private foundations.