Charities That Help Women Pay for Moving Costs

Moving can be expensive for women with little money or savings.

Moving can be expensive. When relocating, women with little or modest means may need to pay the first month's rent plus a security deposit on a new apartment, may need to pay deposits to get utilities turned on, may need to rent a truck to transport their furniture and may need to buy furniture or other household goods for a new home. If women must move unexpectedly or don't have time to save up to pay their moving expenses for some reason, they may need help covering these costs.


State Welfare Agencies

State welfare agencies help with things like food stamps and Medicaid, but don't typically help with moving costs. However, these agencies provide cash assistance to some families with low incomes. Women can use those funds to pay for moving costs if they choose. Apply at the welfare agency in your county.


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Battered Women’s Shelters

Battered women's shelters provide emergency shelter to women escaping abusive relationships, but many provide other services, as well. In addition to offering hotlines, support groups, individual counseling services and court advocacy, some shelters help women pay for moving costs when they cannot afford the expense of moving away from an abuser. Call your nearest battered women's shelter and ask if it helps with this type of situation.



Some churches help women pay for moving costs, especially if the pastor feels the woman has a good reason for needing help. The amount of assistance varies from church to church. If you belong to a church, or just attend one occasionally, call the pastor and ask if the church can help you. If you don't belong to a church, or if your pastor says your church can't help, refer to your local yellow pages and call a few of the churches that have large ads. Just explain your situation and ask if they can help you in any way.



Other charities sometimes help women pay for moving costs, but the availability of assistance varies from area to area. The amount of assistance offered by a particular charity may vary from time to time, as well, depending on the funds that charity happens to have available at a given time. Check with charities like Catholic, Jewish and Lutheran social services; the Salvation Army; the YWCA; and community-action agencies. If someone tells you one charity can't help, ask if she has any ideas on what charities might help.