How to Get Your AT&T Deposit Back

Having a low credit score or a delinquent wireless account in the past may mean you are required to pay a security deposit when signing up for an AT&T wireless account. The deposit is fully refundable upon meeting certain conditions.

Active Service

Your AT&T deposit will be refunded in full as long as your service has not been interrupted due to nonpayment for 12 months. If your account is active at the one-year mark, AT&T will mail a check for the full deposit amount to the address you have on file. The refund check is sent to you automatically within 15 days of the end of the 12-month cycle.


Log into your AT&T online account or contact customer service to change the mailing address on your account, if necessary. Otherwise, your refund check will be sent to the default address associated with your account.

Canceled Service

Canceling your AT&T service should not interfere with receiving a refund for the security deposit, as long as your service has not been suspended for nonpayment during the contract. The deposit is first applied to any outstanding charges; the remainder of the funds are mailed to you in the form of a check. Refund checks are processed approximately 60 days after your account is closed. It then takes five to seven days to receive your check.


Contact AT&T customer service to confirm that your deposit will be returned or if you did not receive your refund check on time. You can reach customer service in a variety of ways, including by telephone or live online chat. Alternatively, visit a local AT&T store to talk with someone in person.