How to Restore Mail Delivery

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If you're going away on vacation or are leaving your house for an extended period of time, you can place a hold on your United States Postal Service mail delivery. If you've returned to your house sooner than anticipated, you're going to need to restore your mail delivery by canceling the hold you placed. You can cancel a hold by visiting the USPS website.


Step 1

Visit the USPS Hold Mail website at Note that if you go to, the site will redirect you to the .com address. Click "Edit or Cancel Your Current Hold Mail Request."

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Step 2

Select "Cancel your request." Enter your confirmation number in the provided text box. Your confirmation was given to you when you first put a hold on your mail, either through the phone, at the post office or on the confirmation page online. Enter your address and ZIP code in the provided text boxes and click "Continue." The cancellation verification page will appear.



Step 3

Click "Yes" to confirm your decision. The page will inform you that your hold is canceled. Your mail service will return to normal.


If you lost your confirmation code, you must visit your local post office. Bring identification, such as your driver’s license. After the postal worker confirms your identity, he will cancel your hold.

You can initiate the process in person at the post office; however, the postal employee will direct you to the website for convenience. In case you want to complete the paperwork to restore your mail delivery in person, the postal employee will provide you with the necessary paperwork to initiate the change or cancellation.



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