How Do I Remove My Name if It Is on Someone's Food Stamp Card?

If you carry a food stamp card for your family or you're an authorized representative on someone else's food stamp account, and a change in your situation has occurred, then you will want to remove your name from the food stamp card. Perhaps you're getting divorced and won't be provided food for your spouse, or you're moving and can no longer buy groceries for someone. Either way, getting removed from a food stamp account isn't difficult.


Step 1

Tell the person you're buying groceries for that you're no longer in the position to continue helping. As someone's authorized representative, you're legally allowed to buy their groceries with an additional card provided by the state. The card is provided to that person rather than you and has both of your names on it.


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Step 2

Ask your friend to let her caseworker know you won't be buying groceries for her any longer. Your friend can have you removed from her account simply by telling her caseworker to do so. Your friend has her own food stamp card to use, with just her name on it, and she can name a new representative if she wants to.


Step 3

Take your card with you if you're separating or getting divorced. Though you and your spouse may have both been using a food stamp card with your name on it, when you leave, it is simply your card.


Step 4

Let your caseworker know immediately about your change in circumstances. If you're leaving your spouse, or if he is leaving you, your financial and living situation may call for a new benefit amount. You have 10 days from the date of change to inform your caseworker.

Step 5

Tell your spouse to apply for his own food stamp account. If his financial situation still qualifies, he can get his own card to use.



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