How to Decorate Bohemian for Cheap

Bohemian style is a highly personal design choice with endless freedom to create. With few guidelines except color, originality, and keeping your look eclectic, you can do almost anything you want. There really are no rules. Decorating with Bohemian style can also be highly cost-effective, with endless outlets to find cheap and even free wares.

Embrace your inner Bohemian.

Create a signature style with rich colors for a personal touch in your bohemian décor. Opt for one unifying color, like a rich red or chocolate brown, to bring a consistent look to your home. Add another color or two like orange or purple for an eclectic twist. Stay away from excessively bright colors. For decorators on a budget, look for cheap and unused paint on or

A colorful school desk works perfectly with Bohemian style.

Visit vintage stores and your local flea market, ask friends and family if they are getting rid of belongings, or look for garage sales for inexpensive furniture. For a true Bohemian look, purchase a used Victorian sofa or antique chaise longue in a muted color in contrast to the wall. Oversized, chunky furniture in dark woods are also great finds. The idea with Bohemian furniture is to opt for something unique, like an old school desk. If you already have furniture, look for inexpensive fabrics and cover that old sofa with the help of a hot glue gun.

Visit a flea market to find inexpensive accessories and furniture.

Hang up colorful and sheer curtains to let the light through. Choose a color with pop like green or purple to contrast against a red- or chocolate-painted wall. Your attic or a vintage store is a great place to find old fabric and curtains. Use hem tape and old pieces of fabric to design your own window treatments., a marketplace for handmade and vintage wares, also sells Bohemian and completely unique curtains and accessories.

Add a colorful rug with vibrant graphics to the center of the room for an eye-catching piece of Bohemian style.

Break the rules and keep your new style busy and funky. Bohemian style is largely eclectic and may seem random to everybody but its creator. The idea is to be thoughtful with your choices and bring in personal meaning. Try to tie together certain colors or similar scrolling patterns periodically, but there are really no rules but your own creative eye.