How to Pass a SSI Disability Exam

How to Pass a SSI Disability Exam
Make sure the physician knows your medical history and persistence of your disability.

Answer the questions in the questionnaire. This portion of the medical CDR will ask for information about your disabling condition and how it affects your ability to work. Where possible, refer to your medical records to ensure you are answering questions accurately.

Provide all medical information to the physician performing the exam. You will not go to your regular doctor, so providing your medical files that document the persistence of your disabling condition can help the examining physician to understand your medical history.

Emphasize the impact that your disability has on your ability to work during your exam. The physician is examining you to see if your disabling condition has improved to the point where you would be able to work, so by directly addressing that in your communication with the physician you can be clear about your need for SSI benefits.

Return all forms to the SSA by the date indicated. All SSA forms that require your action will state clearly the action needed and the date it is due.