How to Get Your SSA Disability With A Letter Of Dire Need

Get Your SSA Disability With A Letter Of Dire Need

Seems the Social Security Administration has mad it a standard to deny almost all claims upon the first application. Then you have to request an appeal, which rarely gets your claim approved. Then you are left waiting on a hearing before an administrative judge. This process can take up to 3 years depending on what part of the country you live in. Since most people do not have long term disability insurance, you can risk loosing everything during your wait for a hearing. There is one thing that can help, A LETTER OF DIRE NEED.


Step 1

The first thing should be to gather up of of your past due bills, especially the utility bills that have disconnection dates. Make copies. If you have been threatened with forclosure or eviction, make a copy of the notice.

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Step 2

Write you letter in a personal business format. Microsoft Word has a template. You can also search the web for a personal business letter template. In your letter tell them exactly how you feel. Exactly what is going on in your life. Let them know what lead to your disability. If you are or have been suicidal or homicidal, make sure you include these things in your letter. Tell them things you have discussed with you doctors. Doctors don't always take notes of every conversation they have with you. Tell them what medications you are taking and ALL side effects of the medication. If at all possible, write the letter yourself. If necessary have someone type it for you, but use your own words. You can use a representative, but the SSA may not take you as seriously.



Step 3

Now you have to submit your information to the SSA. If you have an attorney, send your letter and ALL your copies to them first. Your attorney may not know about the dire need letter. Just remember your attorney works for you, have them look over your letter. If you do not have an attorney, send your letter and ALL your copies to your local SSA office via certified mail. Wait a few days and call them to make sure they have received it. If necessary call then everyday until your case has been approved as dire need. Once approved, you will either get an On The Record Decision, which means that your case will be approved based on your medical records without the need for a hearing. Or your hearing will be scheduled immediatly.


If you get a hearing before an administrative judge, take witnesses with you. Anyone who knows about your condition and limitations.


Don't lie!! The SSA has the ability to check everything you tell them. Even your work record. If you lie to them and they catch you, you will be waiting a lot longer for your hearing. Or you could be disqualified and have to start all over again from the beginning! FINAL WORD! DON'T LIE TO THE SSA!



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