What Are the Reasons Why Food Stamps Would Be Suspended?

Food stamp programs help low-income residents with food-related needs to offset the impact on their personal budgets. These programs are generally administered through a statewide agency and require an application and approval process, dependent upon the number of people living in a household versus the amount of monthly income. There are several key reasons why people receiving food stamp assistance would have their benefits suspended.


No Longer Eligible

When you receive aid, your account is subject to review once every several months, depending on the state in which you live. Upon review, your income is again reviewed through submission of payment stubs. If you are found to no longer meet the food stamp income requirements for the size of your household, your benefits will be suspended and your aid account closed.


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If you have submitted fraudulent information to obtain food stamp benefits or have less people actually living in your home than what was stated on your application, your food stamps will be suspended and you may be subject to prosecution for food stamp fraud. There is a toll-free line for food stamp programs that people can use to provide tips on potential cases of fraud.


Lack of Employment Pursuits

Most states require that you are actively seeking employment assistance if you are receiving food stamps due to lack of any income at all. This process is generally done through your state's division of labor and may require proof that you are looking for employment. If, during your next review with your case worker, you are not able to provide proof that you are looking for work, your benefits may be suspended until you can provide documentation to that effect.



The process to obtaining food stamp benefits is an arduous one, and it is important to be compliant with all documentation requests from your caseworker. Start by filling out an online application that lists all of the people living in your home, their social security numbers and their ages. Then, submit pay stubs (if you have them) as well as a copy of your driver's license and complete a phone interview with your case worker. It takes about 30 days to process your application before it is determined what you will receive.