How to Find My Sears Card Number

You can find your Sears card number.
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Have you just activated your first Sears card, or have you already made your first purchases with it? In either case, you're probably wondering how you should go about managing some of the finer details of your credit account. From finding your Sears card number to using the card and paying your bill, the process is fortunately fairly straightforward.


Finding Your Sears Card Number

If you have your Sears card on hand, you should be able to see the account number printed on the front. You should also see the expiration date on the front, and the security code on the back. This information is vital for making purchases with your card.


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Unfortunately, if you don't have your card in front of you, there is not a way to look your card number up on a credit card lookup website or any such tool. These tools exist, but they can be extremely dangerous, as they require the input of sensitive financial information. Instead of panicking, however, you can contact the Sears card customer service hotline for assistance in finding your credit card number. You'll need your personal information, including a Social Security number, handy.


Accessing Your Sears Card Online

Luckily, Sears makes it very easy to access and manage their credit cards online. Simply typing into your preferred internet browser's address bar will take you to the customer service page for the Sears card. It is also the home of a few other cards also offered by Citibank.

Advertisement will redirect you to, since the former is a historical URL for the card. Though it was originally independently run, the Sears credit portfolio has been managed by Citigroup since 2003, when it was purchased by the bank.

Check Your Sears Card Balance

Once you've made your way to the Sears card online portal, taking any action related to your account will first require you to sign in. To do so, just sign in as you would on any other website with your chosen user ID and password. If you do not have an online user name and password set up, you will need to create one. This can also be done on the website.


Once you're logged in, you should be able to quickly and easily locate your account balance and keep track of any expenses or outstanding debts you may have. If you're unable to get online, though, there are a couple of alternatives, such as using the Citi Mobile App or calling the customer service line for additional assistance.


Pay a Sears Card Online

Wondering, "how do I pay my Sears bill?" Paying your credit card bills on time is incredibly important, as it can keep your credit score high and prevent you from racking up too much interest on your debts. With so much riding on timely payment, it can be hard not to become stressed out or worried, but the actual process of making Sears credit card payments isn't all that complicated.


When it comes to Sears credit cards, you are presented with a few different options for payment. The fastest and easiest way to make payments on your Sears account is online on your account page, but you can also mail your payments in or authorize them over the phone.

Contact Sears Customer Service

Speaking of handling account issues over the phone, Sears is committed to providing their account services to you through their Sears card customer service line. The phone number for the customer service center can be found on the Sears credit card page and will enable you to make payments, check your balance and receive help for miscellaneous account issues.


The phone number currently listed on the Sears card login portal is 1-800-917-7700. Below it are other phone numbers offering support for hearing impaired persons and those outside of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

My Sears Credit Card Is Lost

If you're lucky, you'll never have to report your Sears card, or any other credit card, lost or stolen.


If you're not so lucky, however, you can report your Citi credit card lost or stolen and request a replacement online through CitiBank.

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