The Average Salary of a Patient Access Representative

Patient access representatives typically work for hospitals and medical centers in the admissions and registration area. They obtain patient information, check for precertification or referrals, and verify insurance coverage. They obtain necessary signatures and arrange for patient transport to the appropriate unit. Patient access representatives also update computer records. Seventy-five percent of patient access representatives earn at least $23,000 per year.


Salary Range

The average salary of a patient access representative as of March 2011 is about $28,780 to $28,890 per year, according to CBSalary, a salary calculator connected with That equals about $13.80 to $13.90 per hour. The middle 50 percent of patient access representatives on the earnings scale are making $23,923 to $42,203 per year, equaling about $11.50 to $20.30 per hour.

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Some states are characterized by higher pay for patient access representatives. Examples include New Jersey, where these reps earn $30,583 per year on average, Washington at $31,969, Connecticut at $34,887, Massachusetts at $35,296 and California at $35,804. States where patient access representatives generally earn less include Nebraska, with an average salary of $24,601, Louisiana at $24,659, Ohio at $25,237, Georgia at $26,562, Alaska at $27,062, Texas at $27,260, Nevada at $28,182 and Michigan at $28,711.


Job Openings

Aspiring patient access representatives can find hundreds of job openings throughout the country, as indicated by job listings at in 2011. Posted pay rates range from about $10 to $20.70 per hour, translating to about $20,800 to $43,100 per year. Examples of benefits listed by some employers include medical, dental and vision insurance; life and disability coverage; a 401(k) retirement savings plan; and paid time off for vacations, holidays and personal days.


Employers in the listings generally require education of only a high school diploma or equivalent for patient access representatives, but some require an associate degree in a relevant field, or at least two years of experience. Patient access representatives need proficiency with computers and good customer service and clerical skills.


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