How to Get Cheap Internet Without a Land Line

There are a variety of options for inexpensive Internet if you don't have a traditional phone.

With the advent of cellular phone service and broadband and wireless Internet, it is no longer necessary to have a conventional phone line to get on the Internet. This can lower the cost of getting Internet service, making it much more affordable.

Step 1

Look for a coffee shop or local library that offers free wireless Internet service for your laptop or has computers available for you to use.

Step 2

Call your cell phone provider and find out if it has a data plan it can add to your current phone plan. This can enable you to access the Internet through your phone for a minimal additional charge.

Step 3

Look at pre-paid wireless card plans. A wireless card or cellular modem plugs into your laptop or computer through the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port and connects you to the Internet, usually at a high speed. These cards, if purchased through a pre-paid wireless company, are offered without a contract for about $50 a month. The device itself usually costs around $80, depending on the company.

Step 4

Ask your phone company if you can get a digital subscriber line (DSL) without getting phone service. Most phone companies will allow this and charge as little as $20 a month for the plan. There may be installation charges.

Step 5

Call a satellite company and have satellite Internet service installed. These plans are usually more expensive than DSL, but allow more usage overall than cellular phone plans for a lower monthly rate. If you don't have access to DSL service or live in a place where cell signal is low, this can be a viable option that costs as little as $50 a month.