Fellowship of Christian Athletes Scholarships

Student athletes and coaches at the high school and college level celebrate their shared love of sports and Christianity through the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The organization has chapters at high schools and colleges across the country. Each chapter works toward upholding four core values on and off the playing field: integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence. Members of this organization can apply for scholarships, which many school chapters offer.


College Scholarships

Many school FCA chapters offer college scholarship opportunities for which their members can apply. These scholarships vary in length and award amount. They celebrate students who uphold the FCA values while excelling academically and athletically. For example, the Baltimore City FCA chapter offers two scholarships, one for an incoming college freshman and one for a returning college student. Since 1995, the Greater San Antonio FCA chapter has awarded more than $30,000 in scholarships to 50 deserving students.


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Scholarship Requirements

Foremost, FCA scholarship applicants have to be active members in the organization. This means the student is a Christian athlete. In addition, many FCA scholarships require students to meet academic requirements as well. The Micah Tate Lindstrom Memorial Scholarship, offered through FCA, requires applicants to maintain a 2.5 GPA to earn the full scholarship. Scholarships such as this one also require applicants to show participation in school, community and church activities. The Baltimore City FCA scholarships similarly require students to earn a minimum 2.5 GPA and demonstrate FCA values in everyday life.


Scholarship Amount

FCA scholarships vary in award amount. Some are one-time scholarships, and others last for more than one semester. Each FCA chapter -- and the scholarship donors -- determine how much to award. For example, the Micah Tate Lindstrom Memorial Scholarship awards $2,500 to the winner, who earns $1,250 for a fall semester and $1,250 for the spring semester. The Baltimore City FCA offers two $1,000 scholarships each year.


FCA Camp Scholarships

Although most FCA scholarships go toward academics, some chapters offer camp scholarships for FCA members who cannot afford to pay for FCA camps. For example, the Central Florida FCA chapter offers scholarships to students with a financial need who want to attend FCA summer camp. The applicant and her family will have to provide financial information, such as the family's annual income, to ensure that the scholarship funds go to students who truly cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs associated with FCA camps.