What Is the Salary Range of a GS13 Employee?

Civil service employees for the federal government are paid according to the General Schedule salary tables established by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. GS salaries are divided into grades and steps and are adjusted geographically to account for the cost of living in different areas. GS-13 employees are fairly senior staffers in the federal system.


General Schedule Pay Grades

General Schedule pay grades set the salaries of more than 1.2 million federal employees in the U.S. and in duty stations around the world. A GS-1, step 1 employee is the lowest pay grade, while a GS-15, step 10 is the highest. GS salaries are comprised of a base salary and a locality adjustment to account for the cost of living.

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GS-13 Base Salaries

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management General Schedule pay scales for 2011 set the base salaries at $71,674 for a GS-13, step 1 employee to $93,175 for a GS-13, step 10.


GS-13 Locality Adjustments

The locality adjustment for federal employees ranges from an increase of 4.72 percent over the base salary for employees in Alaska and Hawaii to a maximum locality adjustment of 35.15 percent in San Francisco.

Overall Salary Range of a GS-13

According to 2011 federal pay scales, a GS-13, step 1 employee in Alaska or Hawaii earns $83,472, while a step 10 earns $108,512. A GS-13 employee in San Francisco earns $96,867 as a step 1 and $125,926 at the step 10 level.


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