How to Add a Person to a Deed on a Property in Minnesota

After marriage, joining assets is a way to express unity together.

In Minnesota, you can't simply add a person to a deed, a new deed needs to be created and filed showing the additional person. The paperwork that you will be filing is called a "Quit Claim Deed" and it is often used for taking a name off of a property, transferring property (usually after a divorce) or adding a name to a property (typically after marriage). Make sure that the lender doesn't have a clause that makes your mortgage due in full when filing a quit claim deed.


Step 1

Fill out and print the quit claim deed form (see Resources). All of the information that is needed to add a person will be on this form.

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Step 2

Take the printed form to a bank or other institution with a notary for signing. Both parties will need to sign the form in front of the notary after providing legal identification. The notary will then sign and write in her credentials.


Step 3

Submit the form through your attorney, title insurance company or real estate office. They will be able to create and submit the new deed to the county recorder's office. The deed is a legal form and needs to be created by a legal entity, the form you fill out provides the legal entity with all the information they need to create your form.




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