How to Send a Tax Return to the IRS

How to Send a Tax Return to the IRS
Taxpayers send their returns to the IRS through the mail or online.

Step 1

Obtain the correct form required to file your income tax return. Use your yearly tax information to complete the return.

Step 2

Mail your completed paper return to the IRS. The mailing address for tax forms differs based on each type of tax form, the state you reside and whether or not you owe tax or are due a refund. Look up the correct mailing address for your tax return using resources provided by the IRS (see Resources).

Step 3

File electronically using an online tax filing service. The IRS recommends several of these online companies (see Resources). Your return is submitted electronically to the IRS using this method, requiring you to do nothing more than review the information on your return for mistakes prior to submitting it.