How to Print a 1099 Tax Form off the Computer

You can download forms from the IRS website.

The government wants you to pay your taxes, so it's going to make it as easy as possible for you to print all the forms you need to file your taxes -- including Form 1099. The IRS website has the forms you need (see Resources). Most forms can be filled out online and then printed, or they can be printed first and then filled out later.


Step 1

Go to the IRS website (see Resources).

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Step 2

Read the descriptions of each Form 1099 and determine the form you need.

Step 3

Click on the Form 1099 you wish to print.

Step 4

Read any warnings that appear for the particular Form 1099 you wish to print. Not all Forms 1099 are printable through the IRS website because not all printed copies may be scanned, and 1099s must be scanned to be accepted by the IRS. Follow the on-screen directions for obtaining copies of Forms 1099 that are not printable.


Step 5

Follow screen directions to print Form 1099.

Step 6

Go to the University of Missouri Extension website (see Resources) and print any 1099 forms that are not printable through the IRS website.


Only print and file versions of Form 1099 that are approved by the IRS. Commercial software programs have printable versions of Form 1099.


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