How to Assemble Paper Tax Returns

How to Assemble Paper Tax Returns
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Things You'll Need

  • Tax forms

  • Tax supporting forms

  • Paperclip or stapler

Under normal circumstances, you might not pay attention to how papers are ordered when you mail them, but if you're sending a paper tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), then you need to pay attention to how the pages of your tax return are arranged. The IRS provides specific guidelines to ensure that taxpayers place the tax forms in the proper order.


Step 1

Make Form 1040 (or an equivalent form) as the first page.

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Step 2

Check the sequence number at the top right of the remaining forms just below the year. The IRS assigns each form a sequence number based on the order they wish the forms to be arranged. Arrange the remaining forms based on the sequence number and place them behind Form 1040 or equivalent. Click Reference 2 below to view an example sequence number on a form.

Step 3

Place Form W-2 or 1099 (or other tax backup forms received from your employer and other sources) on top of Form 1040. Paperclip or staple the entire return together. Mail the return to the address indicated by the IRS for your state by April 15th.