How to Retrieve an Old Indiana State Tax Return

Indiana residents can obtain copies of previous tax returns.

Old copies of Indiana state tax returns are obtainable by any Indiana Department of Revenue District Office. The Department of Revenue understands that paperwork can go missing, things are misplaced and sometimes due to certain circumstances, information is lost. The agency has a process for helping taxpayers obtain copies of prior year tax returns. Tax returns only are obtainable by the individual who filed the return. If the return is needed for a loan or other service of that nature, permission by the taxpayer must be sent in writing to the Indiana Department of Revenue for that information. No fee is charged to obtain a copy of an old tax return in Indiana.


Step 1

Contact a district office of the Indiana Department of Revenue (see Resources). All district offices have hours from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of major holidays. All district offices in Indiana have access to copies of your prior year tax returns.

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Step 2

Compose a letter to your local Indiana Department of Revenue District Office requesting any of your old tax returns. Your letter must state your request, the tax year or years you would like to obtain, your full name, your spouse's full name (if applicable), your Social Security number and your contact information, such as an address to mail your forms to and your telephone number.


Step 3

Call your district office to inquire whether or not your written request has to be mailed to the office, or whether you can fax it or hand-deliver it. Faxing or hand delivering your written request might put you in possession of your prior year tax returns more quickly than mailing your request and waiting for your returns to be mailed to you.