Qualifications to Get Welfare in Virginia

Before you submit your application for welfare assistance in Virginia, make sure you have a good shot at being eligible to receive assistance. You should also know what program you are seeking assistance from since eligibility requirements between them can vary. Virginia's welfare programs include Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, Family Access to Medical Insurance Security Plan, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Energy Assistance Program. The sooner you submit your application, the better since wait time for a decision can vary widely depending on the program and your personal situation.


Proof of Identity and Residence

You need to be able to show that you are a U.S. resident or permanent alien in Virginia. You need to show a driver's license, alien registration card, voter's registration card or birth certificates to prove this. Also, to be able to receive assistance, you will need a Social Security number not only for yourself but anyone in your family who will be receiving assistance. Also, some of the programs have income thresholds based on the size of your family, so your social worker will need to know this information.


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Your case worker will want to know how much money you earn each month. You will need to bring in recent pay stubs not only for yourself but for anyone else in your household who works. This not only includes salary or hourly pay but tips, commissions and bonuses. Also if you are receiving spousal or child support, you need to show the paperwork stating how much this is.


You may not have all of these documents, but you must present the ones that you do have. These are used to determine your monthly expenses. They include lease or mortgage receipts, utility bills, phone bills, receipts for care of children or elderly, medical bills and proof of child support paid. Some programs only consider your income in determining eligibility but others look at whether your expenses are too great a percentage of your income.



Some welfare programs will look at your access to money as well as your income. You will need to show your case worker bank statements, information about stocks, bonds and mutual funds you might own and information about pre-paid burial arrangements or burial plots. You will need to show title of all motor vehicles you own, life insurance policies with a cash value and your medical insurance policies.