What Documents Do You Need When Getting Food Stamps?

You must present certain documents when getting food stamps to prove that you qualify for assistance. When you pick up your application for food stamps, ask for a list of required documents. Every applicant must submit certain documents, but due to your individual circumstances, you might need additional documents. If you don't have any of the necessary documents or don't know how to get them, ask for assistance at the food stamps office. Trained staff will assist you.


Proof of Identity

You need proof of your identity, such as a state issued identification card, a driver's license or a passport. If you do not have those, ask the staff at the food stamps office if other documents will suffice.


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Proof of Residency

You need proof of your home address. Present documents such as a driver's license with your current address on it or a copy of your lease or a utility bill sent to your current address.


Proof of All Household Income

You need proof of all household income. You must present documents such as paycheck stubs, a disability award letter, child support receipts or a bank statement showing deposits from Social Security. You need proof of income from everyone in your household that receives money. If your income changes at any time while you are receiving food stamps, you must present proof of that change. For instance, if you lose your job or start a new job, present a letter from your employer or a copy of a new paycheck stub.


Proof of Assets

You need proof of assets owned by you or others in your household. You must present documents like bank account statements showing how much money you have in the bank or a written statement saying how much cash you have on hand. You do not need to present a car title or the title to your home if you own a car or house but you may need to present documents related to other property you own.


Proof of Living Expenses

You need proof of living expenses such as how much you pay for rent and utilities. You must present documents like a copy of your lease or a letter from your landlord, a copy of a recent electric bill and a copy of a recent gas bill. Ask the staff at the food stamps office if you should bring proof of any other expenses.