How to Check a Business With the BBB

The Council of Better Business Bureaus, more commonly referred to as the Better Business Bureau, spans the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Although it has been and continues to be sponsored by businesses, the BBB purports to remain neutral regarding its reports on businesses in its database. Included in the database is information on each listed business's current letter grade (A through F), whether there have been consumer complaints, and how those consumer complaints were handled. With basic information about a business, you can quickly and easily find out its BBB rating.


Step 1

Visit the Better Business Bureau's Find Business Reviews webpage.

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Step 2

Type in whatever information you have available: business name, address, type, phone number, web or email address.


Step 3

Limit your search results to BBB Accredited Business listings or charities only, if you believe that will simplify your search. Then click the "Search" button on the page, or "Reset" if you realize some information you have typed is incorrect and you wish to start over.



Not all companies are listed with the BBB. Sometimes a company is too new to have information listed. The national BBB has a form available so that you can request that a report be created. Additionally, the national BBB advises you to contact your local BBB office to ask for further information on unlisted businesses in your area.

The BBB contains listings for both BBB accredited and nonaccredited businesses. Any business that is BBB accredited must meet certain standards of fair conduct with consumers, including resolving any disputes that arise in a timely fashion. These companies must submit an application and pay a fee to the BBB for monitoring to ensure compliance, as well as their BBB accreditation.

The BBB has established eight Standards of Trust that it requires businesses to meet in order to be accredited. Accredited businesses must establish trust with consumers, as well as advertise and represent products and services honestly. They must function with integrity, be responsive, maintain transparency in their dealings and safeguard the privacy of customers.



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