How to Write a LPN Resume For Someone Who Has No Experience

Licensed practical nurses have to complete certain education requirements and testing before they're able to work in a clinical setting. If you've completed your training but don't have any work experience, highlight the most important thing on your resume: your education. Showing your education, test scores and any clinical work you've done for school will help instill confidence in future employers. Showing them an extensive educational background will also make them confident in your ability to grow as a nurse.


Step 1

Center your biographical information at the top. Your name should be on the first line -- don't forget to include LPN after your name. Go to the next line and insert your address, phone number and email address. Double-check that your contact information is correct.

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Step 2

Create a heading that says "Licensed Practical Nurse." Write a paragraph indicating that you're a recent graduate whose education has prepared you for a job in a clinical healthcare setting. Explain that you're a compassionate professional who is dedicated, reliable and intelligent.


Step 3

Create a heading that reads "Current Licenses." Create a list of any licenses and certifications -- including state certifications, CPR training and any specialty areas you've been trained for.

Step 4

Create a list of your core competencies. You should include things like wound treatment, pain management, IV lines, private duty nursing, finger sticks and urinalysis. Any service you've been trained to give to patients should be covered under your core competencies.


Step 5

Create a heading that says "Education and Clinical Training." Give specific places and dates where you were educated and where each of your clinical rotations were completed. Highlight specific classes you took that contributed to your nursing education. List your accomplishments in school -- like awards or prizes -- after your education.

Step 6

Create a heading that says "Employment" and create a detailed list of any work experience you've had. Play up your customer service or management experience, even if it was in a fast food setting. Include any volunteer experience. List it as unpaid or volunteer.

Step 7

Indicate that your references are available upon request at the bottom of your resume.