How to Buy Gold Bullion From the Government

How to Buy Gold Bullion From the Government
Gold bullion is a great investment and store of value.

Buy from the U.S. Mint

Navigate to the U.S. Mint online catalogue, at See Resources.

Create a customer account for greater ease in tracking your order.

Select one of the precious metal coins available, including the First Spouse, American Buffalo 24K or American Eagle. As of November 2010, the American Buffalo 24K One-Ounce sells for $1,660; the American Eagle Four Coin Proof Set, containing 1.85 ounces of gold, sells for $3,030; and the First Spouse coins, containing one-half ounce of gold, sell for $841 for the uncirculated coin and $854 for the proof.

Add your desired products to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Buy from an Authorized Purchaser

Navigate to the U.S. Mint Authorized Purchaser website, at See Resources.

Locate a reseller. The database of authorized purchasers is organized by state and lists national resellers.

Select an authorized purchaser and buy from the extended line of U.S. Mint precious metal coins. In November 2010, the price of gold was near $1350 per troy ounce.

Compare private prices to U.S. Mint website prices, but remember that most coin dealers charge a premium to sell a minted coin.