How Can I Print a Copy of My Unemployment 1099?

Recipients of unemployment compensation must report the earnings to the Internal Revenue Service at tax time. The agency responsible for providing the payments must provide a statement of these earnings on Form 1099-G at the end of the filing year. It is possible to obtain the statement online if it does not arrive via mail.

Step 1

Visit the website for the agency responsible for unemployment benefits in your State. This is usually the Department of Labor.

Step 2

Enter the information required to login to the database. On some Department sites, such as Unemployment Insurance Minnesota, all you need is your social security number and password. Others, like Tennessee's Department of Labor and Workforce, require additional information, such as your name, birth date and tax-reporting year.

Step 3

Search for a link to view your 1099 form. Follow the directions provided to print a copy.


Note that not all States provide personal benefits information online. If your State does not provide this service, call or visit the office to request a copy of your 1099 form.

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