How to File for an Unemployment Extension in Massachusetts

When you exhaust all of your awarded unemployment compensation on your current claim in Massachusetts, you may be eligible for an extension of benefits. While some states automatically file your extension application for you, Massachusetts does not. At the time of publication, Massachusetts only qualifies for the first three tiers of the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation, or EUC. If you need additional benefits after Tier 3, you can apply for Massachusetts state extended benefits, or EB.


Step 1

Claim all of your benefits on your current unemployment claim or extension. You cannot move onto an extension, or the next extension tier, until you claim all of your current benefits.

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Step 2

Check your mail for a benefits eligibility letter from the Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development after you claim all of your current benefits. Typically, this arrives within 10 business days and lets you know of your eligibility for any extensions. Continue your job search while you wait.


Step 3

Call the special extended benefits hotline for Massachusetts to file your application for extended benefits after you get your letter. If you have not received an eligibility letter and believe you are entitled to extended benefits, you can call the hotline to make an inquiry. For the application, you will need to answer questions regarding your job search efforts since your last unemployment application and if there are any changes to your contact details.



If you go on state extended benefits in Massachusetts, completion of the work search log is mandatory each week.



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