How to File Weekly Unemployment Benefit Claims

File for unemployment

If you have filed your initial application for unemployment benefits in your state, you still have to file weekly benefit claims while you remain unemployed. You can only start filing your weekly unemployment claims once you get your award letter from filing your initial application. Typically, you must be willing and able to work, and actively seeking a new job in order to file a weekly unemployment benefits claim. Once you get a new job, you must stop filing the weekly claims.


Step 1

Complete the benefit claims form

Complete the benefit claims form that arrives by mail with your benefits payment or benefits payment statement. Typically, an envelope is enclosed as well, which you are to use to mail in the claims form.


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Step 2

Call your unemployment office

Call your unemployment office customer service center to file your weekly claim form by phone if your state offers this. Not all states allow you to file your weekly claim over the phone.


Step 3

Visit the website for your unemployment office

Visit the website for your state unemployment office to file your weekly claim online. The Employee Issues website has a list of all of the state unemployment office websites listed by state.




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