How Long Does Texas Unemployment Take to Pay?

If you lose your job, you may qualify for unemployment. Unemployment benefits allow workers who were laid off or otherwise lost their job through no fault of their own to continue to support themselves while they search for a new job. In Texas, it takes three to four weeks to qualify for unemployment and receive your first unemployment check.

Statement of Benefits

After you make your claim, you will receive a statement of benefits in the mail listing the total benefits you are entitled to and the amount of benefits you are entitled to each week. The statement also lists the 12-month period you are entitled to benefits for. The Texas Workforce Commission prepares and mails your statement of benefits one business day after you apply for unemployment. However, the statement of benefits does not qualify you for benefits; the TWC may still be investigating your claim when you receive this statement.

Four-Week Window

Most unemployment claims in Texas take about three to four weeks to process. The Texas Workforce Commission must verify your claim with employers and may need to interview you or your employer to determine your eligibility. If you claim you were laid off, the employer has up to 14 days to confirm your layoff in writing after you make your claim. If he fails to do so, the TWC will evaluate your claim based on other information.

One-Week Waiting Period

Once Texas approves your claim, it must withhold your first week's unemployment benefits. Re-certify your unemployment during the one-week benefit period to demonstrate that you are still eligible for unemployment. After the one-week waiting period ends, you will receive your first unemployment check based on your re-certification form. The first check is based on your second week's eligibility, so if you worked part-time during the waiting week, your check will be for less than the full amount.

Other Payments

Once you have passed your one-week waiting period, you will receive an unemployment check every two weeks. You must re-certify your unemployment every other week to continue to be eligible. Report any wages you earned during each week and indicate that you searched for work if you are required to do so. You can submit your re-certification forms by telephone or Internet as well by mail or fax.