How to Buy a Cheap German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds can make good family pets.

German Shepherds have long been known for their loyalty and agility, making them great working dogs and wonderful family pets. Though they grow to be large dogs, they can adapt to city living if provided regular exercise and daily walks, according to "German Shepherds for Dummies," though their ideal home will offer a large backyard to run and play. A purebred German Shepherd puppy can cost well over $1,000 when purchased from a reputable breeder, according to "German Shepherd Dog." Puppies require extensive veterinary care, including multiple vaccines and spay or neuter surgery if you do not intend your breed your dog. If you want to welcome a German Shepherd into your home without breaking the bank, other options are available.


Step 1

Visit your local animal shelter, such as the county or city pound, SPCA or Humane Society. Purebred German Shepherds commonly get surrendered by their owners to animal shelters, according to "German Shepherd Dog," because they outgrew their cute, puppy phase. Animal shelters commonly have reasonable adoption fees which usually include a vet exam, vaccinations and a spay or neuter surgery.


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Step 2

Attend adoption events of local German Shepherd rescues. German Shepherd rescues provide temporary care for the dogs in an effort to keep them out of animal shelters and find them permanent, loving homes. Adoption fees are typically less than the cost of purchasing a purebred puppy from a reputable breeder and include a vet exam, vaccinations and a spay or neuter surgery.



Step 3

Contact a reputable German Shepherd breeder in your local area and ask if he has any pet-quality dogs available for purchase. Commonly, a breeder will sell a German Shepherd that has been retired from breeding or a puppy that cannot be registered with the American Kennel Club for a reduced price, according to "German Shepherds for Dummies."


Avoid purchasing a dog from a backyard breeder. Though the dog's price may be affordable, you are not guaranteed a healthy dog bred from an ethical breeder.



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