Cheap Rocks for Landscaping

Rocks can add to the aesthetic look of a property.

Rocks offer property owners an opportunity to decorate their land, and the rocks not only provide an aesthetically pleasing look but also can be used to stop weeds from growing in a garden. While larger rocks are used as decorations in the front yard, smaller rocks are ideal for walkways and driveways.


River Rocks

Taking a trip down to a local river or stream offers individuals an opportunity to find river rock for their landscaping project. Depending on the size of the rock, individuals may need to have a truck or SUV and bring a friend. River rocks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. The stones are smooth from the years of water running over them and may be a nice fit for a garden. Individuals may have to ask permission if the river or stream is located on private property or pay a small fee for the privilege of looking for rocks.


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Pebble Rocks

Pebble rocks can be used for all sorts of landscaping ideas, including driveways, gardens and walkways. While companies do offer to landscape an area with pebble rocks, property owners can also find these rocks themselves and lay them down. Pebble stones can be found along beaches, highways and gravel roads. Be aware that pebble rocks may become slick and move during inclement weather for those walking or driving on this surface.


Fake Rocks

Fake rocks for landscaping are also available for property owners. While these rocks do cost money and can be very expensive, decorating an area with the rocks ensures that individuals get the look they want. The bigger the fake rock, the more expensive it is, but individuals can choose the exact size and color for their yard. The rocks often weigh about 50 to 200 lbs. but are designed to replicate rocks weighing 800 to 2,000 lbs. The average cost for a rock can average between $50 to $300, but when considering the cost of hiring a crane operator and the manpower to lift a natural rock, fake rocks may be a cheaper alternative.