How to Rent a Basement Bedroom

Although a basement bedroom rental implies a rental of only a single room, a classified ad or word-of-mouth referral for a basement bedroom may describe a room, a room plus bathroom or an entire basement that may include a separate bedroom, small dining or living area or even a kitchenette. The process to find and rent a basement bedroom is no different than the process to rent an apartment or house–you simply need to be aware of the differences between a basement rental and other rental types.

Step 1

Locate a basement bedroom for rent in classified advertisements or ask around.

Step 2

Contact the owner of a property to find out if the basement bedroom rental is still available. If the room or rooms is still available, ask about the lease terms and requirements including specifics such as rent payment frequency (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), down payment and first rental payment amounts, lease length, heating and air conditioning availability and pet allowances if applicable.

Step 3

Walk through the property to check that it meets your needs. Go over additional bedroom rental basics such as included utilities, neighborhood information and whether you're expected to share a bathroom with others. Additionally, look for any negatives that apply to basement rentals that would affect your decision such as visible mildew or mold, musty or bad smells and lack of windows or a secondary exit in case of fire or flood.

Step 4

Agree to the owner's terms or check out other possible basement bedroom rentals.

Step 5

Read thoroughly the rental agreement once you find a place that you like. Sign it – making certain that you get a copy for your records after the owner signs. Pay the agreed-upon first rental payment and down payment if applicable.


Always ask the owner, before signing any lease, about early lease termination penalties including the amount of notice that you must give the owner in general and in the event that you must leave because of an emergency or life change should you need to relocate.